Some people prefer not to blend in. Some people choose not to settle for what’s available. Some people like to avoid the commonplace. I’m one of those people. I’m creative and enjoy re-imagining the ordinary. Perhaps you can relate. If you are observant and find the uniform sameness of the marketplace unappealing, you clearly look at the world a little differently than most people.

As a child, people commented about the creativity and detail of my coloring books. I didn’t realize then that my personal characteristics included being artistic, particular and thorough. Traits that would serve me well. After graduation I had the good fortune to start a career in the graphic arts field. I worked closely with very creative and demanding people. I payed attention, climbed the corporate ladder and became very good at account management: the key to meeting deadlines, staying on budget and making clients happy.

In 2005 my wife and I built a new home. The builder’s landscaping was quite typical. Being creative and industrious, I designed a new plan that would blend better with the home’s architecture and natural surroundings. During the project a vacation to Italy and Greece was illuminating. The stunning scenery and historic art and architecture that has influenced the course of human events for thousands of years was inspiring and made a very strong impression. The genesis for LandArt Garden Studio had begun.

On our return home I felt compelled to learn all I could about garden design. I became a NJ Master Gardener and joined the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society. I enrolled in landscape design courses, attended garden workshops and horticultural seminars at five of the area’s most visited and well known public gardens and arboretums. One was the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania where I earned a Landscape Design Certificate. I also attended a number of “green industry” conferences to observe the business practices of landscape design/build firms and to experience their point of view. The concept of LandArt Garden Studio was taking root.

The classes and seminars were insightful. The more I participated in these academic pursuits the more apparent it was that good taste and a talent for design was in my DNA. I seemed to know instinctively how to create designs people enjoyed and talked about.

During this period our garden evolved into an oasis of originality and became an elegant diversion from life’s distractions. The garden had different design vignettes throughout. Each one was rich in details and delightfully surprising. Family and friends were amazed at how a small suburban property could be transformed into a scene from the coast of the Mediterranean.

In 2012 we were invited to participate in a well known garden tour charity event. Visitors loved the garden, especially the many exuberant and vibrant containers. It was exciting to share gardening insights and experiences and to be able to answer questions about the plants we chose and our planting compositions. We also talked about the garden embellishments, they take a little extra thought but add a special touch. Some people wanted to know if I did this professionally, some asked for my business card. Horticulture was moving from a hobby to a calling.

Over time it became obvious there is a small group of people with a particular sense of style. Individuals who care how they present themselves and their homes to the world. Nonconformists looking for imaginative garden containers and curb appeal that makes a statement. They just may not have the time, patience or green thumb to do it themselves. However, finding someone who understands and can accomplish what they envision is a challenge. This is a task well beyond what most lawn care businesses are able to provide. I knew, based on my business and horticultural experiences, LandArt could fill this niche in a way that no one else could.

LandArt Garden Studio is a custom residential garden design firm. Specialists in unique garden containers and bespoke gardens. Horticultural artistry that exists somewhere between nature and art. This is our story and who it’s for. If you look at the world a little differently you may want to commission an artist rather than hire a landscaper to tell your story. After all, no one else is exactly like you.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr. Seuss

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